Client Testimonials

Ainul Islam

I've two TATA HITACHI EX-70 (i)S070-15QQ1,(ii)S070-15843 ,both fuel consumption is 4-4.5 ltr/hr.One of them lasts for 2300 hrs & other lasts 2600 hrs.I'm getting great service as my expectation.

Nidhal Koley

I've a TATA HITACHI EX-70 SUPER,S070-16123.I bought those machines for 1 years.Fuel sevicing 4-9/2 ltr/hr. I'm really happy,Getting great service.

Monimohan Si

I've a TATA HITACHI EX-70 ,whose fuel consumption 4-9/2 ltr/hr. I'm getting great service.It still lasts for 2600 hours,my machine number S070-16095

Sabiar Rahaman

I've a TATA HITACHI EX-70,providing great service at low consumption fuel.Recently I've bought another EX-70. Many thanks,wishes for your wealth.

Client Testimonials

Selim Sk

I've a TATA HITACHI EX-70 SUPER,whose fuel consumption is so great i.e 4.6 ltr/hr. I'm getting great service support from Berhampore Brunch.Next time I'll buy machine from TATA HITACHI.Thanks for being with us every step.

Jasimuddin Sekh

I've a TATA HITACHI EX-70,whose fuel consumption is 4 to 5 ltr/hr.I'm getting great services.War meter of the machine which is now showing 250 hours.

Sk Kabir Hossain

Currently I have an EX-70 Super machine,S070-16312. I'm satisfied as getting great services from TATA HITACHI.

Sk Zimi

I've 5 JCB,one of them is TATA HITACHI.I pay rent for these machines.Among them TATA HITACHI machine's fuel service is best i.e 4.5ltr/hr.I bought this machine previous year December.Very thankful to Haldia Brunch for their immanence support. Soon I'm about to pick up another Tata machine.

Client Testimonials

Suvojit Singha Roy

I've three TATA HITACHI EX-70 (i)S070-15266,(ii)S070-15977,(iii)S070-16487 each fuel consumption is 4-4.5 ltr/hr,Best compare to other vehicles. Two of them giving 2700 hrs, 2600 hrs & other giving approx 1000 hrs.I'm very hopeful to get great services in future also.